Interventional Cardiology

If you or a loved one is having a heart attack, every moment matters. Interventional cardiologists at Premier Health can open a blocked coronary artery without surgery to help reduce damage to the heart. Emergency heart care is available 24/7 at Atrium Medical Center, Miami Valley Hospital, Miami Valley Hospital South, and Upper Valley Medical Center. 

If your coronary artery blockage is not an emergency, our interventional cardiologists perform scheduled angioplasty procedures at Miami Valley Hospital North. 

Guided by X-ray images, they direct catheters – small, flexible tubes – through arteries, to open narrowed or blocked arteries to restore blood flow, or to repair damaged or weakened vessels, valves, or other parts of the heart.

Catheter-based interventional cardiology procedures are performed at Premier Health hospitals to diagnose and treat coronary artery disease, heart failure, structural heart disease and peripheral vascular disease.

Interventional cardiology procedures offered by Premier Health include:

Cardiac Catheterizations

If you have chest pain, dizziness, or other symptoms of heart trouble, your doctor may prescribe a cardiac catheterization to help diagnose your problem. 

Catheterization often is performed in combination with other procedures, such as coronary angioplasty, to treat and relieve symptoms of coronary artery disease by improving blood flow to the heart, and stent placement to keep the blocked artery open. 

Coronary Orbital Atherectomy

Premier Health is the first health care provider in the area to offer this innovative, minimally invasive procedure. Coronary orbital atherectomy is designed for high-risk patients for whom conventional methods of opening arteries are not effective.

CardioMEMSTM HF System

The CardioMEMSTM HF System is a new tool for managing heart failure and reducing related hospitalizations. It combines remote home monitoring with a tiny device permanently implanted in your pulmonary artery (PA) for earlier intervention of worsening heart failure. The system detects fluid buildup before physical symptoms occur and electronically alerts our heart failure team, providing better data for making medication adjustments and lifestyle recommendations.

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Every moment of your life depends on a strong, healthy heart. The Premier Health cardiology and vascular services team is here to help you, each beat of the way, with prevention, diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation services in our hospitals, outpatient centers, and medical offices across Southwest Ohio.