Heart Failure Clinics

For people with heart failure, the heart isn’t pumping as well as it should be. This can cause fluid to back up in the body and the organs in the body might not get as much blood as they need. This can lead to swelling, trouble breathing, and feeling tired. However, many people with heart failure lead a full, enjoyable life when the condition is managed with medications and healthy lifestyle changes.

Our goal at each of our Premier Health heart failure clinics is to help you stay out of the hospital and live better and longer. Our board-certified physician and advanced practice registered nurses with heart failure expertise work alongside your doctor to continually monitor and treat the signs and symptoms of heart failure, as well as to help you understand your condition and treatment. You can be seen quickly in the clinic, usually within one day of calling our office.

Our Advanced Heart Failure Clinic at Miami Valley Hospital partners with The Christ Hospital Health Network’s team of providers and physicians as part of a heart and vascular joint venture. This means you have access to world-renowned heart failure expertise close to home.

Our heart failure clinics focus on education about medication, diet and fluid intake, exercise, and weight monitoring, as well as symptom management and risk factor modification. Vital signs, weights, blood work, and medication adjustments with refills can all be completed at our clinics between your regular cardiologist visits.

Heart Failure Clinic Services

The Advanced Heart Failure Clinic at Miami Valley Hospital offers several services for patients with heart failure, including:

  • Advanced heart failure consultation and treatment
  • Diagnosis—from screening to staging of heart failure
  • Treatment options including medication management, cardiac rehabilitation, and surgical options
  • Options for end-stage heart failure, including, Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) and transplant in partnership with The Christ Hospital Health Network

A referral from your provider is required to obtain services.

In addition to our advanced heart failure clinic, we offer heart failure clinic locations at Atrium Medical Center and Miami Valley Hospital North. Patients at these clinics are seen 7-10 days following hospital discharge or outpatient referral after heart failure. A referral from your provider is required to obtain services. At these locations, we offer:

  • Medication adjustments and refills
  • Vital signs
  • Weight monitoring
  • Blood work
  • IV administration of diuretics, as needed
  • Personalized attention and follow up
  • Education regarding medication options and helpful lifestyle changes

Additional Heart Failure Services

Premier Health supports those living with heart failure with these additional services:

  • Ultrafiltration. Ultrafiltration with aquapheresis is now available at Miami Valley Hospital for patients with heart failure who are fluid-volume overloaded and not responding well to diuretics (for example, water pills and IV Lasix). This therapy takes place at the bedside with a specially trained nurse, under the supervision of a kidney doctor. It usually takes 36 to 48 hours while you are hospitalized.
  • CardioMEMSTM HF System is a new tool for managing heart failure and reducing related hospitalizations. It combines remote home monitoring with a tiny device permanently implanted in a patient’s pulmonary artery (PA) for earlier intervention of worsening heart failure. The system detects fluid buildup before physical symptoms occur and electronically alerts our heart failure team, providing better data for making medication adjustments and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Cardiac rehabilitation. Premier Health cardiac rehabilitation programs are designed to help patients improve heart health and return to healthy, active living with heart failure.
  • Home care services from Fidelity Health Care help patients manage heart failure symptoms in the comfort and privacy of their homes.

Locations And Hours

Emergency and Trauma care at Atrium Medical Center located at One Medical Center Drive Middletown, Ohio 45005

Middletown, OH

Heart Failure Clinic at Atrium Medical Center

One Medical Center Dr., Middletown, OH
(513) 974-5177 (513) 974-5177

Hours at One Medical Center Dr,

  • Varies, call for an appointment

Operated by Atrium Medical Center


Dayton, OH

Advanced Heart Failure Clinic at Miami Valley Hospital

30 E. Apple St., Ground Floor, Suite 268 Dayton, Dayton, OH
(937) 208-9969 (937) 208-9969
(937) 208-5566 Fax

Hours at 30 E. Apple St.

  • Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Operated by Miami Valley Hospital as part of the heart and vascular partnership with The Christ Hospital Health Network 

Emergency Center care at Miami Valley Hospital North Campus 9000 North Main Street Englewood, Ohio

Englewood, OH

Heart Failure Clinic at Miami Valley Hospital North Campus

9000 N. Main St., Englewood, OH
(937) 734-6020 (937) 734-6020
(937) 734-5873 Fax

Hours at 9000 N. Main St,

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Operated by Miami Valley Hospital

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