Cardiac Rehabilitation

Premier Health cardiac rehabilitation programs are designed to help you improve your heart health and return to healthy, active living following a cardiac event, treatment, or surgery.

Cardiac rehabilitation is available at four Premier Health locations:

  • Atrium Medical Center
  • Miami Valley Hospital North
  • Miami Valley Hospital South
  • Upper Valley Medical Center

Our highly trained, caring cardiac rehab staff provide you a combination of carefully supervised exercise, lifestyle modification programs, education, and support, all designed to help you improve your heart health – and to prevent future cardiac problems.

The Phases Of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our cardiac rehabilitation programs are divided into three phases, to help you make steady progress toward improving your quality of life and returning to an active lifestyle: 

Phase I: As your first step to recovery, cardiac rehabilitation begins while you’re still in the hospital and recovering from your cardiac event or surgery. The goal of rehabilitation during this phase is to provide education and introduce you to Phase II.

Phase II: Once you've returned home, and with your physician’s approval, you can begin this next step to recovery. Phase II includes a detailed assessment, an exercise program tailored to your comfort and ability with personalized, medical supervision, nutrition counseling, heart monitoring, and education classes.

Education classes may include:

  • Cardiac risk reduction strategies
  • Development of healthy eating habits
  • Stress management
  • Smoking cessation

Phase III: Once you’ve graduated from Phase II and decide to make cardiovascular fitness a lifelong pursuit, you may choose to enroll in a maintenance program. In this phase, you will continue your recovery progress in the same location you completed Phase II. You’ll continue to receive support from cardiac rehab staff while you exercise on a variety of equipment with other Phase III participants. In this phase, you’ll transition from monitored to independent exercise. Maintenance programs are paid out-of-pocket. Payment arrangements vary by site.

The Cardiac Rehab Team

Your cardiac rehab team works under the direction of a medical director. These professionals are here to answer your questions, monitor your progress, and ensure your safety as they work with you to build your cardiac fitness. They include:

  • Registered nurses certified in advanced cardiac life support
  • Exercise physiologists
  • Clinical dietitian
  • Diabetes nurse educator
  • Chaplain
  • Pharmacist

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