Education and Support

Premier Health offers you education and support services to help make your journey to heart and vascular health easier, no matter where you are along the way – prevention, treatment, surgery, or rehabilitation. Here, we offer you convenient links to information and resources to assist.

Programs And Events To Help You Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease

Premier Health hospitals, facilities, and partners promote healthy living through education, prevention, and early detection programs, like Premier HealthWorks and Premier Health Heart CT. And throughout the year, we offer a variety of events, classes, and screenings to encourage healthy decision-making. See our calendar of events for more information.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

The cardiac rehabilitation programs of Premier Health can help you adapt to a new lifestyle after surgery or a cardiac event. Cardiac rehab offers you a supervised exercise program, psychological support, and education on diet, medications, new cardiac technology, and stress management.

Cardiac rehabilitation is available at:

Help At Home With Congestive Heart Failure

If you have congestive heart failure (CHF), you can get help at home from Fidelity Health Care.

A Fidelity Health Care nurse, working closely with your doctor, will manage your CHF care with a team that may include one or more of the following professionals: respiratory therapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, and social worker.

The Fidelity Health team will help you manage your symptoms, answer your questions about your condition and the treatment you’re receiving, help you manage your medicines, and train family members or caregivers who are helping you at home.

To learn more about Fidelity Health Care’s in-home CHF care, call (937) 208-6400(937) 208-6400 or (800) 946-6344(800) 946-6344.

Outpatient Nutrition Counseling

The food you eat significantly influences your health and well-being. A diet of nutritious food can help you manage and live with a chronic disease. To help you develop a diet designed to support treatment of your medical condition, Premier Health offers outpatient nutrition counseling and diet education.

With a referral from your health care provider, you can schedule your appointment with a Premier Health licensed registered dietitian. Many insurance plans cover nutrition counseling, also referred to as medical nutrition therapy.

The Heart Institute of Dayton 

The Heart Institute of Dayton is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to cardiac education and prevention programs for the public, as well as physicians and health care professionals. Services and resources include internet resources, continuing medical education programs in partnership with Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine, and a lecture series.

Know the Heart Attack Warning Signs

Not all heart attacks are the same. Some are sudden, dramatic, and leave no doubt that you are in trouble. Others are subtle, quiet, and with little or no pain. Both can cause a lot of damage and even death. Knowing the signs of a heart attack and getting help quickly can save your life … or someone else's. Learn more.

Know How To Save a Life

Many people who have a heart attack at home, work, or in a public location die because they don’t receive immediate CPR from someone on the scene. If you were a bystander, would you be prepared to take action?

Learn about the American Heart Association’s Hands Only CPR. For information about CPR, First Aid, and AED. certifications, visit the American Red Cross.

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Every moment of your life depends on a strong, healthy heart. The Premier Health cardiology and vascular services team is here to help you, each beat of the way, with prevention, diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation services in our hospitals, outpatient centers, and medical offices across Southwest Ohio.