Surgery Scheduling

The procedure for scheduling surgery depends on the Premier Health location you choose. Please follow these instructions by location.

Atrium Medical Center

To schedule surgery at Atrium Medical Center, you or your designee should call the number below. This is the preferred method as it enables the date and time to be immediately confirmed. Or you may fax a Reservation Form to the number below.

Phone: (513) 974-5055(513) 974-5055
Fax: (513) 974-5216(513) 974-5216

Hyatt Surgery Center, Tipp City

If you have previously scheduled at the Hyatt Surgery Center, you may call the number below, or fax a completed Reservation Form to request a surgery time. First-time schedulers at Hyatt must call the number below to make arrangements.

Phone: (937) 440-7154(937) 440-7154
Fax: (937) 667-5660(937) 667-5660

Miami Valley Hospital

How to Schedule Surgery

To schedule surgery at Miami Valley Hospital, you or your designee should call the number below. This is the preferred method as it enables questions to be clarified immediately. Or you may fax the MVH Surgery Scheduling Form

Phone: (937) 208-2223(937) 208-2223
Fax: (937) 208-2645(937) 208-2645

Miami Valley Hospital’s Block Schedule is composed of various Specialty Blocks which release from two weeks to one day prior to the day of surgery. This means all will eventually have an opportunity to schedule in available time slots. The RN Surgery Schedulers will prompt you or your designee regarding special needs related to the specific case.

To schedule same day cases, you or your designee may call the Surgery Control Desk at (937) 208-3111(937) 208-3111. Use this same number after 4:30 pm on weekdays or weekends. This area is staffed 24/7.

Contact Surgical Services Directors

Miami Valley Hospital’s Surgical Services directors can be reached at these numbers:

  • Dr. Marion F. Brown, Medical Director Surgical Services: (937) 208-6270(937) 208-6270
  • Beth Heyse, Administrative Director, Surgical Services: (937) 208-5110(937) 208-5110

Learn about Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

Some Miami Valley Hospital surgeons have adopted the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocol. This scientific, evidence-based approach aims to improve the care for your surgical patient by keeping the body functioning as normally as possible. The goal of ERAS is to get patients back to their normal activities after surgery as soon as possible. Highlights of ERAS:

  • Patient may have clear fluids and carbohydrate drink preoperatively up until two hours before surgery
  • Preemptive pain management
  • Opioid-sparing analgesia
  • TAP blocks/epidural (Open cases)
  • Nausea prophylaxis
  • Early nutrition
  • Early ambulation
  • Decreased length of stay
  • Euvolemia/avoidance of fluid overload

For more information, call the MVH Surgery Director, (937) 208-5110, or visit the American Society of Enhanced Recovery

Miami Valley Hospital South

To schedule surgery at Miami Valley Hospital South, you or your designee should call the Surgery Scheduler:

Phone: (937) 438-4632(937) 438-4632 weekdays, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Phone: (937) 208-2140(937) 208-2140 for an immediate surgical suite after hours

Upper Valley Medical Center

If you have privileges to schedule a surgery at Upper Valley Medical Center, call (937) 440-4111(937) 440-4111. The scheduler’s fax number is (937) 440-4441. Surgery time and PAT time will be provided by the scheduler.

To apply for privileges to schedule a surgery at Upper Valley Medical Center, call (937) 440-4523(937) 440-4523.