Benefit to Providers

COMPACT Care supplies providers with communication and workflow standards that promote efficient and effective referrals. This improved quality and flow of information ensures that providers have what they need to deliver comprehensive, high-value patient care.

Responsibility of the Specialists

Responsibility of the specialists –information sent to the PCP:

  • Appointment availability for non-emergent consultations within four weeks and sooner for more urgent patient needs (OR communication back to the PCP if unable to accommodate in this time frame)
  • A phone call for a critical finding requiring immediate intervention
  • Timely response (written or otherwise) for each encounter (within 72 hours) including:
  • Details of testing that is or will be ordered by the specialist
  • Details of testing that the specialist would like the PCP to order
  • Any patient needs that require referral to another specialist or other facility, except in situations requiring emergency management
  • Specialist will ensure that the patient is sent back to the PCP once the condition is managed
  • Specialist will contact PCP when care should be or has been transitioned to palliative care, providing explanatory documentation

Responsibility of the PCP

Responsibility of the PCP – information sent to specialist:

  • Brief history and reason for referral (what is the referral question) – examples:
  • One-time consultation (e.g. Diagnosis of atypical chest pain)
  • Specialty procedure need only (e.g. colonoscopy for screening)
  • Co-management/ongoing management (e.g. atrial fibrillation)
  • Definition of period of time after which the patient will be returned to the PCP as primary care provider
  • Evaluation of conservative versus operative management with return of patient to PCP after treatment completed (e.g. knee injection, PT recommendation after post-op care completed, etc.)
  • Suspected diagnosis/testing/treatment
  • Medical history/review of systems
  • Relevant social history
  • Relevant exam findings
  • Previously performed relevant testing and results
  • PCP will contact specialist when care should or has been transitioned to palliative care
  • PCP will perform or facilitate any medical clearances required for surgical or procedural intervention