After-Hours Physician Call Service

Fidelity Health Care’s after-hours call service provides your patients the medical expertise they need when your office is closed. It has been shown to reduce after-hour calls to physicians by 65 percent (2016 data).

How the Service Works

When your office closes for the day, you program your phones to route all calls to our After-Hours Physician Call Service. A member of our professional nursing team will answer the call. With access to your patient’s medical records, the nurse can view the patient’s history to more effectively and efficiently provide advice.

The nurse records the details of each encounter into the patient’s record, allowing you to view activity when you return to work.

When Are Physicians Contacted?

If a nurse determines you need to be informed immediately of your patient’s condition, or if a nurse requires your input before providing advice to the patient:

  • You will be contacted via a predetermined hierarchy of communication (text, page, phone call).
  • All communications are secure and HIPAA compliant.

How Effective is the Service?

Fidelity Health Care registered nurses triage patients to control ED utilization, prevent unnecessary readmissions, empower callers in self-care, and provide a vehicle that refers patients to other services within Premier Health.

This After-Hours Physician Call Service has reduced after-hour calls to participating physicians by about 65 percent. Physicians are contacted about 35 percent of the time for advice and instruction via a secured messaging service before a phone call is placed in the middle of the night or on the weekend. Because all information is recorded in a patient’s electronic medical record, you can view all after-hours activity upon your return to work. 

For More Information

Call (937) 208-6400(937) 208-6400 for more details about this service, or to enroll your office. Or email Eva Columbus.