Clinical Trials

Premier Health Philosophy on Research

Premier Health supports clinical research that is intended to provide new and innovative treatments for our patients. Premier Health recognizes the principles of respect for persons, beneficence (including minimization of harms and maximization of benefits), and justice as stated in the Belmont Report and will apply these principles in all human subjects research. Each institution will file a Federalwide Assurance. The institutions acknowledge and accept responsibility for protecting the rights and welfare of human research subjects.  

Learn more about the Clinical Trials Research Alliance.


The Premier Health Clinical Research Center (CRC) facilitates research and participates in industry-wide clinical trials. Learn about the CRC’s facilities and goals.

Application Process

Learn about the application and approval process for clinical trials, including finding forms, submitting documentation to the institutional review board (IRB), and pertinent procedural details.

Institutional Review Board

Learn the purpose, goals, and parameters of working with the Institutional Review Board when pursuing review and approval for clinical trials.