Review Your Records

You can schedule an appointment to review your hospital medical record in person.

Records must be reviewed in the presence of Medical Records/Health Information Management Services Department employees. Please contact us to make an appointment. 

You must bring a photo ID. You may not remove any part of the record from the folder or make any changes. You can get a copy of your record for a fee.

Request a Correction

If you would like to request an amendment (correction) to your medical record, you will be required to complete a form that specifies what information you want changed. You will then sign and return the completed form to the Medical Records/Health Information Management Services Department. Either an approval or a denial notice will be mailed to you after a decision has been made.

You can get the Amendment Request Form one of two ways:

  • Download it: Download the Amendment Request Form
  • Have it mailed to you: Call the Medical Records/Health Information Management Services Department to request that the form be mailed to you.