Communicating With Your Provider

Premier Health MyChart® makes it easy to communicate with your health care team when it’s convenient for you. You can:

  • Make appointments
  • Set communication preferences and text reminders
  • Get test results
  • Send messages
  • Request prescription refills

Make Appointments

Once you have registered your MyChart account, you can request an appointment with your provider, as well as make appointments for many exams and tests. Many providers enable you to schedule your appointment directly in MyChart.

You can also request to change or cancel appointments. These requests are routed to appointment schedulers; your doctor will not see this information. Please do not include any personal health information with requests for an appointment or cancellation.

Get tips for scheduling your next appointment in MyChart.

Set Communication Preferences And Appointment Text Reminders

To set your communication preferences in MyChart and appointment reminders:

  • Log into MyChart
  • Choose Profile from the top menu
  • Choose Communication, then set your communication preferences. Please make sure you have a mobile phone number in your contact information.
  • Save changes

You can’t set your preferences through the MyChart app on your phone. You need to set them on your Premier Health MyChart login page.

Appointment Reminders

Text messages are sent two to three days before an appointment, around 10 a.m. Phone call reminders are made about two to three days before an appointment between 6 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. No phone or text reminders are sent on Sundays.

If a call isn’t answered or a text message fails, one more attempt is made the same day. If the second attempt fails, a third attempt is made on the following day. No further attempts are made for the appointment after the third attempt.

You can opt out of appointment text reminders, but please note that the preferences set for office appointment reminders will be set for ALL appointments within Premier Health, including appointments in our hospitals.

Office staff can confirm if a mobile number is in your record, and they can add a mobile number if needed.

Get Test Results

Test results are automatically released at various intervals to MyChart once they become final. Generally, lab results will be available within 72 hours of becoming final for outpatient/office visits. Finalized lab results are released one hour after discharge for hospital visits.

Reports on imaging or X-ray studies will be available in five days for outpatient/office visits and one hour after hospital discharge for finalized results. It may take several days or even weeks for certain tests to be resulted and become final. For imaging studies, you will see only the interpreting physician’s impression of the study, which is a summary of the results. Your physician will receive a detailed interpretation.

Pathology results (except for Pap smears) are not released automatically to MyChart.

If you feel that your test results should be available but you don't see them in MyChart, please call the office of the provider who ordered the test to discuss the test results, or discuss results with your provider during your next visit.

For tests that were conducted during a hospital visit (emergency department, observation, outpatient surgery, and inpatient stays), please contact the health information (medical records) department to have that information released to you.

If your tests were not done by a Premier Health facility, you will not see them in your Premier Health MyChart.

Send Messages To Your Provider

You can send non-emergency medical questions to your care team through MyChart. You can ask questions about test results, clarify information from your office visit, correct your medical information, and more. You will generally receive an answer within one to three business days. Your message is received by the practice staff, who will handle your request if they are able. They will forward your concern to your provider as necessary.

  • Log into MyChart
  • Choose Messages from the top menu
  • Choose Ask a Question
  • Choose the category that best fits your need


Get tips for sending non-urgent messages in MyChart.

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Request Prescription Refills

You can request prescription refills whenever it’s convenient for you:

  • Log into MyChart
  • Choose Medications from the top menu
  • You’ll see a list of prescriptions that can be renewed. Click the button for the prescriptions you need.
  • Choose Next

Be sure this information is included:

  • Name and exact address of your preferred pharmacy
  • Amount needed: 30- or 90-day supply
  • Number of refills for the prescription
  • Any new allergies you have experienced

Get tips for requesting prescription refills in MyChart.

Click play to watch the video or read video transcript.