Premier Physician Network Medical Records Frequently Asked Questions 

We have answered some frequently asked questions about Premier Physician Network medical records. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact the practice directly. 

Do I need to request copies of my medical records when I go to a new physician or specialist?

  • Yes, if your provider does not have access to Premier Health’s Epic electronic medical records system.
  • No, if your new physician or specialist has access to Epic. In this case, your new provider will be able to see your complete health record via Epic, and you will not have to request records to be copied or transferred.

What medical records can I obtain through Premier MyChart?

Premier Health’s MyChart, a secure online portal, provides you 24/7 access to:

  • Summaries of your provider office visits
  • Test results
  • Immunization records
  • Diagnoses
  • Medical history and family medical history
  • Health care records of your children under the age of 12 or of those for whom you have guardianship. Ask your provider about obtaining MyChart proxy access.

How do I gain access to MyChart?

If you are not already signed up for MyChart or the MyChart smartphone app, contact your provider to learn how to get access, or visit the MyChart login and registration page

How do I request records if my provider does not have access to Epic?

If you are unable to find the information you need through MyChart and your provider is not on Premier Health’s Epic medical records system, forward a medical records release form to your provider’s office to request the information you need. Find out what part of your health record your new provider wants to see. You should not request your entire chart.

When requesting medical records with a medical records release form, please:

  • Answer all questions and fill in all blanks
  • Provide the address, phone and fax of the provider or facility that is to receive your health information
  • On the checklist, be specific about which records you are requesting to be released
  • Use our Convenient Portal to authorize records to be released from any Premier Physician Network office to yourself or another office.

How do I request my medical records from an office that has closed? 

To obtain records from an office whose records are maintained by PPN, follow the instructions for the specific office found at Closed Practices.

How do I request medical records for my child?

Complete the medical records release form for your child and send it to the office of the child’s physician. To sign the release form, you must be the child’s parent or court-appointed legal guardian. If guardianship papers are not on file at the physician’s office, please include them with the request.

Use our Convenient Portal to authorize records to be released from any Premier Physician Network office to yourself or another office.

How can I request immunization records be sent to my child’s school?

Call your child’s provider’s office and give your verbal consent to release them to the school. When you call, please provide the school name and fax number.

How do I request medical records for another adult, such as my spouse, parent, or adult child? 

Under most circumstances, written consent signed by the adult patient is required to receive a copy of the adult patient’s medical records. He or she can complete the medical records release form and send it to the physician's office. A health care power of attorney that includes authority to request records or a court order signed by a judge may also be used to request records. Please contact the physician's office to request more information.

Use our Convenient Portal to authorize records to be released from any Premier Physician Network office to yourself or another office.

How long will my medical records request take to fulfill?

In general, your records will be released within 30 days of your submitting a signed medical records release form. In some cases, a records release may take longer, such as when inactive records have been put in storage.

In what formats can you provide medical records?  

Records can be Mailed on paper or through our secure, online (Ciox) portal if the patient requests it and provides their email address.  We do not provide records on DVD or flash drive.

Is there a charge for medical records?

Yes, there may be a charge for making copies of your records. Charges, if any, will comply with Ohio regulations.

May I personally pick up my records or do they have to be faxed or mailed?

Many of our offices use a copy service to fulfill release of information requests. For this reason, most records will be mailed to you or to your new provider, as requested.

Who do I call if I haven't received records after a few weeks?

Please contact the physician office where you sent the original request.

How far back can I request medical records?

Patient records are usually retained for at least seven years. However, before submitting your request, ask the receiving provider which specific records he or she wants and how far back. Often, providers need only your more recent records to continue your health care.

When I request medical records to be sent to my new doctor's office, can I get a copy as well?

Yes, you may request copies of your records at the same time. Please be aware that you may be charged for these.