Reach your career goals with full support.

Reach your career goals with full support.

Explore Your Premier Potential.

New Graduate RNs

At Premier Health, we know that our new and upcoming graduates are the future of the nursing industry, and that’s why we offer the best option to jumpstart your career with our RN residency program. New nurses can enjoy our multiple specialty areas, robust training and job development, and exposure to real-life scenarios across our organization. We invite you to start your new career with Premier and achieve incredible career highs here.

Definitive Difference

Premier Health operates a diverse network of almost every level and type of care imaginable, and our New Graduate RNs can receive training and education that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Depending on the field, our nurses can also benefit from time off and retirement programs that continue to accrue at any level of your career. Premier offers:

  • Full medical operations across five hospitals
  • Multiple freestanding ERs
  • A physician network (PPN)
  • Home Care with Fidelity Health
  • Samaritan Behavioral Health Services
  • And more

Exciting Residency

The New Graduate Nurse Residency is our premier training program that focuses on an evidence-based practicum that provides experience with patient outcomes and leadership development. New RNs will be tasked with utilizing point-of-care leadership practices and effective decision-making skills to formulate treatment plans that are backed by sound research and evidence. This comprehensive program is available at Atrium Medical Center, Fidelity Healthcare, Miami Valley Hospital, Miami Valley Hospital South and Upper Valley Medical Center. You’ll enjoy:

  • Professional development chapters
  • Simulation and clinical experience
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Career tracks in specialized areas of care including emergency services, operating room, neonatal intensive care, critical care units, home health and more

Your Premier Opportunity

Upon joining our residency program, you’ll be able to build your core competencies and strengthen your confidence as a new nurse every day. Once you complete the program, you will be able to transition seamlessly into a higher level of nursing or a specialty path in any of the following areas:

  • Advanced Care Units at all locations
  • Emergency Departments
  • ICU/Critical Care at all locations
  • Inpatient Psychiatric Services
  • Med/Surg Units
  • Women’s Health Services