Program Description

The two-year program is designed to ensure that the administrative fellow gains hands-on experience in a variety of settings such as operations, finance and shared services- all of which, serve as critical success factors in health care management. 

The immersive learning experience is structured as follows:

First Year
The Administrative Fellow will have dedicated rotations within the system that include: corporate headquarters, acute-care hospitals, the physician network and supporting subsidiaries. These rotations will orient the Administrative Fellow to Premier Health and its related entities. Each rotation is overseen by a site preceptor (usually a member of the senior management team), who assigns rotation responsibilities and project-oriented assignments. 

Second Year
Less structured by nature, the second is tailored to fit the Administrative Fellow’s interests and career goals. Additionally, the technical, professional, and personal skills of the Administrative Fellow are enhanced through participation in the decision-making processes throughout Premier Health.

Over the course of the Administrative Fellowship Program, Premier Health prepares confident, flexible, dynamic leaders and critical thinkers who can work collaboratively to solve problems during this period of unprecedented change in the health care industry.

Learning Through Executive Interaction

As a vital part of Premier Health’s administrative team, the Administrative Fellow develops their management and leadership skills by working side-by-side with respected Premier Health executives and directors. 

In return, Premier Health draws on the unique talents and creative ideas of the Administrative Fellow to help develop innovative approaches for delivering clinical care and services to patients. The Administrative Fellow also participates in governance-related activities and regularly attends a variety of board meetings, senior management team meetings, and conferences.