Current Residents

Heather Brackman

Hometown: Celina, Ohio

College of Pharmacy: Ohio Northern University, Raabe College of Pharmacy

Professional Interests: Emergency Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Cardiology

Why this program: Miami Valley Hospital is home to Dayton's most experienced Level I Trauma Center, Level III NICU, and Comprehensive Stroke Center which initially piqued my interest. The program offers many unique experiences including Advanced Emergency Medicine, Neurocritical Care, and Neonatal ICU, all of which I am interested in exploring. Ultimately, I chose to pursue a PGY1 Residency at Miami Valley Hospital because of the compassionate, encouraging, and reliable preceptors that truly set this program apart from the rest.

Post Residency Plans: After residency, I will be completing a PGY2 in Critical Care at Miami Valley Hospital.

Grant Middleton

Hometown: Dayton, OH

College of Pharmacy: Cedarville University

Professional Interests: Emergency Medicine

Why this program: Miami Valley Hospital is a Level I Trauma Center, Comprehensive Stroke Center, and routinely cares for complex, critically ill patients. My desire to pursue a career in Emergency Medicine made Miami Valley my top choice. As an APPE student, I was introduced to this great team of pharmacists and preceptors with expertise in a wide range of clinical specialties. The integration of pharmacists into a variety of interdisciplinary teams allows for many unique opportunities throughout residency. I was particularly drawn to this program by the advanced emergency and advanced critical care rotations. I know by the end of this residency I will be well equipped to practice at the top of my license in the clinical area of my choice.

Post Residency Plans: I plan to pursue a career in Emergency Medicine and become board certified.