Vendor Information at Premier Health

We value our relationships with our vendors and suppliers and believe they are an important part of offering affordable health care to our community.

For quick access to Premier Health vendor information, see our listing of member hospitals, vendor policies and vendor contacts below.

Member Hospitals and Affiliates

Premier Health is a nonprofit health network. Here is a list of some of our member organizations:

Premier Health is a member of Vizient, a national group purchasing organization for health care facilities. Contracting for supplies and services are coordinated through our Strategic Sourcing team.

Supplier Portal

Suppliers are encouraged to register on the Premier Health supplier portal for bidding opportunities. The portal facilitates the exchange of information between Premier Health Supply Chain and you, our suppliers. See the Premier Health supplier portal.

Supplier Standards

Premier Health has extensive supplier standards to safeguard our employees and patients and to create a level playing field for all our vendors.

Our Strategic Sourcing and Materials Management Department considers our relationship with suppliers very important because they provide essential products and services to our hospitals and patients. That’s why we strive to maintain an open, competitive and cooperative atmosphere for all Premier Health suppliers.

Supplier Diversity Program

We’re committed to the principles and values of diversity and equal opportunity in all of our endeavors. Our belief in diversity is so strong that we have chosen to apply it in our purchasing activity.

Our mission and guiding principles support our supplier diversity program.

Our Supplier Diversity Policy details the procedure for fulfilling our mission and guiding principles.