Office Of Diversity Education And Development

Premier Health’s Office of Diversity presents educational programs to support our commitment to diversity and inclusion in all levels of our organization.

Inclusion Through Diversity And Cultural Competence Development Programs

Every day provides us an opportunity to learn how to improve the quality of our relationships and better serve our patients. Our fundamental belief is that diversity education is a lifelong journey of self-reflection, introspection, and looking through others’ lenses. We recognize that the process of achieving cultural competence is not a short-term commitment that begins and ends with training. To this end, we approach diversity education as an ongoing process.  

The goal of diversity and inclusion education and development is to develop the competencies and the capacity to understand multicultural perspectives, to challenge ingrained biases, and improve the quality of our work relationships. We believe that when employees have the ability to empathize with the values, beliefs, and customs of others, this creates a culture of service excellence.  

Whether through structured didactic training, learning circles, book club discussions, diversity dialogues, or a conversation between two co-workers, we offer a comprehensive learning program that not only takes into account various learning styles, but also acknowledges that everyone may have different levels of understanding about diversity and inclusion.  

Our employees who attend these programs learn ways to:

  • Provide more innovative solutions 
  • Improve the ability to care for patients and their families in a culturally competent manner 
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Understand the need for services and products from diverse suppliers 
  • Become more alert to their own biases and learn tools to manage those biases

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