Evaluation and Treatment

The sports medicine professionals at Premier Health have one goal: to return you to your full range of motion, agility, and strength. Because we know sports-related injuries require specialized care, our team of physicians, athletic trainers and sports medicine certified physical therapists are staying current in the latest evidence based treatments for caring for sports related injuries. Together we’ll carefully evaluate, diagnose and treat your injury to ensure a safe return to the activity you love.

Physician Evaluation Of Your Athletic Injuries

A proper diagnosis of your injury is the first step toward recovery. Our physicians specialize in sports medicine and have the skills to properly evaluate, diagnose, and care for you, whether your injury requires surgery or not. Following diagnosis, our entire team of sports medicine physicians, athletic trainers, and sports-certified physical therapists work together to get you safely back in the game as quickly as possible.

We routinely treat these injuries and others, as well:

Physical Therapy

If you need physical therapy, you can count on our experienced staff to provide customized care in both general orthopedics and sports medicine. We’ll use special exercises, plus education, to improve your strength and range of movement while decreasing your pain.

Under the direction of Premier Health’s sports medicine physicians, our physical therapists are dedicated to the complete treatment of your sports-related injuries in the:

  • Shoulders
  • Wrists and hands
  • Knees
  • Ankles and feet
  • Spine (including the back and neck)

Your quickest path to recovery may include participation in one of these special Premier Health programs:

Learn more about physical therapy.

Concussion Management

Concussions can have serious consequences and should not be ignored. Whether your symptoms show up immediately, or days later, you should be evaluated by professionals who specialize in concussion.

Premier Health has sports medicine physicians and athletic trainers who are credentialed with ImPACT®, a national concussion care program for high school, college and professional athletes. Learn more.

Sports Physicals

Before you can participate in a sport, you may need a thorough exam by a physician. These exams are intended to ensure you can safely participate.

At Premier Health, it is our sincere belief that your health interests are best served in a private, one-on-one physical examination with your regular caregiver, such as a pediatrician or primary care physician. Your physician knows your medical history and is best prepared to recognize reasons why participation should be avoided.

Learn more about Sports Physicals.

Sports Nutrition And Sports Psychology

Nutrition, hydration, sleep, and psychology. These pillars of sports performance shouldn’t be underestimated. They’re key players in keeping you or your young athlete at peak performance. If one of these pillars is weak, it can throw your whole game off balance. Our fellowship-trained sports medicine physicians offer individualized assessment and custom approaches that help athletes of all ages elevate their game.

Learn more about Premier sports nutrition and sports psychology services.

In-Home Care and Equipment

If you’re recuperating at home, Fidelity Health Care professionals can meet you there to provide physical and occupational therapy. Fidelity also provides medical equipment such as crutches, bracing/orthotics, continuous passive motion devices, wheelchairs, and a full line of durable medical equipment and supplies to support you as you restore your health and mobility. Learn more.

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