Inpatient Pain Services

When your pain is so severe that you’re admitted to the hospital, we provide specialized care to help you as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. We work closely with you, your family, and your referring physician to decide the best treatment plan to reduce or treat your pain. These inpatient services are available through the Miami Valley Hospital Pain Center.

Complete Inpatient Pain Management Services

Some of the services our pain specialists provide while you’re in the hospital include:

  • Communicating with your admitting physician
  • Ordering and monitoring tests
  • Using advanced techniques to pinpoint and treat the cause of your pain
  • Consulting with you, your family, and all other members of the patient care team when developing your pain management plan
  • Discussing care and progress with you and your family
  • Making recommendations to assist your primary care physician for follow-up care

Surgical Pain Services

Surgery usually results in pain that gradually subsides as you heal. During that time, you’ll probably need some kind of pain management. Sometimes surgical pain can also develop into chronic pain. We can make you more comfortable and help prevent this kind of chronic pain by providing effective pain treatment after your surgery.

We can also help manage other pain issues, including:

  • Side effects from pain medications
  • Pain that doesn’t respond to medication
  • Tolerance to medication
  • Present or past addiction
  • Chronic pain
  • Uncontrolled pain of any type

Surgical Pain Treatments to Keep Your Pain Under Control

Options available for pain control include:

  • Pre-emptive treatment before surgery
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Medications that target the pain source
  • Ice at the incision
  • Numbing solution at the site or to nerve endings that cause pain after surgery
  • Mild electrical stimulation (TENS)

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