Detection and Prevention

Consider these questions if you or a loved one are in pain:

  • Are you dealing with constant pain?
  • Has your lifestyle changed because of the pain?
  • Are you concerned about using too much medication?
  • Are you taking the right medication to control the pain?
  • Is surgery the only answer? 

At our pain centers, we’ll help you answer questions like these and create an overall treatment plan to help you and your physician best manage and control your pain.

Because pain can manifest in different ways or radiate to other areas, the source of your pain isn’t always obvious. When that’s the case, our team will talk to you in great detail — and sometimes order tests — to help detect the cause of your pain. Our review of your medical history will include:

  • Physical factors
  • Psychological factors
  • Age
  • Lifestyle expectations
  • Occupational issues

We can help you reduce or eliminate pain — and help you learn ways you can prevent painful flare-ups in the future.

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