Home Care Aides

At Fidelity Health Care, our goal is to help you regain your independence and previous level of functioning by delivering skilled, compassionate care in the comfort of your own home. Home care aides are members of the health care team who work under the guidance of your case manager. They give you individualized personal care to help in your safe return to functional independence.

Who Needs Home Care Aides?

You can benefit from the services of a home care aide if:

  • You are recovering from surgery, illness, or an inpatient stay
  • You need short-term help with personal care such as bathing, dressing, hair care, skin care, and using the toilet

What Services Do We Provide?

Fidelity home care aides can help with:

  • Walkers and lifts, if needed
  • Assisting you with exercise
  • Personal care (bath, shower, mouth care)
  • Transfers from bed and help with walking

How Often Will the Aide Come To Your Home? How Long Will the Aide Stay?

The nurse or therapist managing your care will discuss your needs with you and determine how often the home care aide should come to your home. With your input, your health care provider and case manager will create a plan that’s specific to your needs, and the aide will follow that plan. When the aide visits your home, he or she will stay for the length of time it takes to help you with the tasks on your individualized plan of care.

How Long Will You Need the Services Of a Home Aide?

The length of time you will have help from a home care aide depends on your individual needs. Your case manager will frequently reassess your situation and discuss with your doctor to determine how long services should continue.

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