Prenatal Care    

Premier Health prenatal care specialists begin caring for you and your baby long before you feel your first contractions. It’s important to plan regular visits to your OB/GYN, nurse midwife, or specialist as soon as you discover you’re pregnant. Early and consistent prenatal care helps you and your baby stay healthy during your pregnancy.

We can also uncover many potential health problems that can arise during pregnancy and help you manage them. We offer a full range of prenatal services, including:

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Program

If you’re facing or anticipating a high-risk pregnancy, our maternal-fetal medicine specialists are available 24/7 to help keep you and your baby healthy. We provide expansive prenatal testing services (including preeclampsia screenings), genetic counseling, high-risk pregnancy management, in-utero therapy, and diabetes education.

Premier Health’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine Program is an internationally recognized center of excellence and provides services through Miami Valley Hospital’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Ultrasound, and Genetics Department. In addition, Miami Valley Hospital offers the Dayton area’s only high-risk maternity center.

Multiple Miracles Program

Our Multiple Miracles Program, offered through Miami Valley Hospital, specifically addresses the needs and risks of mothers carrying more than one fetus.  It combines evidenced-based best practices with the experience of our maternal-fetal medicine team into a comprehensive clinic that offers services, testing, treatment, and advice.

Before Your Stay

You’re encouraged to pre-register through hospital admissions. If you haven’t registered when admitted for labor, our staff will guide you through the admission process. Pre-registering and completing forms prior to your due date allows us to expedite your registration when you arrive on your big day.


Contact Us

If you’re pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, schedule an appointment with a physician or certified nurse midwife, take a virtual tour of our maternity centers, or register for childbirth, breastfeeding, and family education classes.

Visit our locations page to find a Premier Health maternity center near you and for additional contact information.