If you’ve had a screening test for colorectal cancer that shows an abnormal result, you may need a colonoscopy to check for tumors, polyps, or inflammation.

This is the best test we have for both screening and diagnosing colorectal cancer. You’ll need to carefully follow instructions before your procedure to clean out your colon thoroughly so your doctor can clearly visualize the walls of your colon.

During the procedure, your doctor will use a long, thin, flexible, lighted tube to check inside your rectum (lower part of the colon) and your entire colon for polyps or cancer. Polyps and even some cancers can be removed during the test and sent to our lab for testing.

We’ll follow up to let you know if everything looks fine or if we need to order additional tests or treatment.

If you have colorectal cancer, we use advanced imaging tools, including sophisticated endorectal ultrasound and MRI technology, to determine the stage of your cancer and help us plan further treatment. We offer several treatment options for colorectal cancer.


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