Wound Centers

When a wound goes untreated, it can jeopardize your health and may cause additional problems. When a wound will not heal, a specialized approach for healing is required.

Premier Health has taken a leading role addressing the growing need for quality wound care in communities across Southwest Ohio. Comprehensive wound care centers with hyperbaric services are now located at Atrium Medical Center, Miami Valley Hospital South, and Upper Valley Medical Center. These outpatient centers are partnerships with Healogics, a wound care management company that works with more than 800 hospitals across the country. Wound care services are also provided at Miami Valley Hospital.

Partnership With Healogics 

Chronic wounds affect 6.5 million people in the U.S., and the number is expected to increase by two percent annually over the next decade. For more than 20 years, Healogics, a national wound care management company, has touched the lives of more than two million people by delivering evidence-based care and restoring hope. We are a hospital partner with Healogics. The combined knowledge of our team members creates a multidisciplinary approach to wound management. 

What Is a Wound?

A wound is a break or opening in your skin. When skin is broken, germs can enter and cause infection. There are many types of wounds. The smaller the wound, the quicker it usually heals. Large or deep wounds take longer to improve and, if not treated correctly, may cause pain, a general decline in health, and lead to complications such as gangrene or an amputation of the affected limb.

Non-healing wounds can be the result of obesity, poor circulation, diabetes, immobility, and radiation treatment side effects.

Who May Benefit From Specialized Wound Care?

An individual whose wound has not shown improvement over the last two weeks, or has not healed within six weeks, may benefit from our care. Types of wounds we treat include:

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