HEAL Memory Garden

When tragedy strikes and a child is taken from a family, life can become almost unbearable. Many families look for a place of solitude, a place to remember and to reflect — a place to find just a little comfort amid the enormous pain of loss.

In order to recognize and remember the precious children who have profoundly touched our lives, first in life and then in death, the HEAL Memory Garden has been created.

The Angel of Hope

Located in a serene area along the walking trail at Atrium Medical Center, the HEAL Memory Garden is home to the Angel of Hope, a bronze statue recognized worldwide as a gathering site for grieving parents. The path around the Angel is composed of personalized memorial pavers with landscaping and seasonal floral plantings as well as granite benches and other works of art.

The Angel of Hope was introduced to the world in the book and television movie “The Christmas Box,” written by Richard Paul Evans. The story is about a woman who mourns the loss of her child at an angel monument. Today, more than 90 statues are located throughout the country, with one right here at Atrium Medical Center.

Memorial Pavers

Memorial pavers specially designed for the HEAL Memory Garden are available for purchase at a cost of $75. Remembrance names, messages, or dates may be engraved. All pavers are 4 x 8 inches with engraving space limited to 3 lines with 15 letters/numbers/spaces per line. Spaces will be counted as one character. All engraving is done in upper case letters.

Engraving of the pavers takes place twice a year in early spring and again in late summer. The engraving work is done at the HEAL Memorial Garden site. Orders for spring engraving must be received by May 7, and orders for fall engraving must be received by September 1.

Plants, trees, and other foliage, as well as statues and granite benches, are also available for purchase.

For more information about HEAL Memory Garden plantings or pavers or other memorial items, please contact us.

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Please let us know how we can help you in this difficult time. To discuss HEAL support services or other issues surrounding the death of a child, please contact us.

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