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Welcome to the Clinical Neuroscience Institute's Brain Mapping Center

The Brain Mapping Center at Premier Health’s Clinical Neuroscience Institute is the first in the Midwest. This very specialized service brings together neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, neurologists and radiologists as a comprehensive, multidisciplinary team of experts dedicated to the care of neurological health issues, such as:

Brain mapping is a set of procedures used to study the anatomy and function of the brain using advances in digital imaging technology. Through non-invasive imaging, high-resolution images are collected, allowing the neuropsychologist to visualize specific functions of the brain. Mapping the brain is key to understanding its geography, anatomy and how each area functions. Mapping identifies areas of the brain that control speech, movement, memory, senses, etc. Functional brain mapping is often used for conditions that require entry into the brain, such as:

  • Removal of brain tumors
  • Assessment of areas causing seizures
  • Removal of part of the brain, which requires a very specific and delicate surgical approach

Neurosurgeons use brain mapping information to allow for:

  • Highly individualized planning before surgery 
  • Greater precision during surgery
  • A clearer view of post-surgical changes to measure outcomes

This level of accuracy can help set realistic expectations and reduce a patient’s anxiety about recovery.

Functional brain mapping should be considered for any patient undergoing brain surgery. For example, mapping helps to ensure that brain tumor surgery does not compromise vital areas of the brain. Mapping reveals which area of the patient’s brain affects language; if a lesion is located in that area; how much of the lesion can be safely removed in order to treat the disease; and how much of the patient’s language abilities can be returned to normal after surgery. The physician can predict with extreme accuracy the long-term outcomes for patients with brain tumors, epilepsy and movement disorders.

Benefits for Patients

When brain mapping is part of the surgery process, patients can feel confident knowing that the brain is mapped to identify the safest route before and during surgery to minimize any potential deficits. Important life concerns can be addressed, such as length of time to return to work and independent living, functional and cognitive outcomes, and estimations of recovery up to two years after surgery. Patients can plan and prepare for post-operative services and set realistic expectations for recovery, reducing the anxiety that comes with neurosurgery.

Benefits for Physicians

Premier Health’s specialized team provides comprehensive care of neurologic conditions. They collaborate with specialists from the neuro-oncology tumor board and participate in case conferences with subspecialties to discuss cases and make recommendations to ensure patients receive personalized, effective, quality and compassionate care. The Brain Mapping Center provides highly specialized neuropsychological and neurological assessment services, such as:

  • Functional MRI/Tractography
  • Wada procedure (intracarotid sodium amobarbital procedure)
  • Cortical Brain mapping
  • Neurocognitive assessment

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