Baby Care

Your precious bundle of complete joy comes with a lot of responsibility. No doubt it can be overwhelming at times. Here’s straightforward advice from Premier Health providers about how to keep your baby safe, and how to deal with common discomforts that often occur during baby’s first year. 

Beyond the Tears: Vaccines Protect Kids

The bottom line on the safety and benefit of immunizations.

Postpartum Depression: Temporary And Treatable

Find out if what you’re experiencing is more than just “baby blues.”

A Safe “Nighty-Night” for Twins (and Other Multiples)

A safe night’s sleep starts with having separate beds for your babies.

The Best Gifts for a Safe Sleep Baby Shower

Follow these do’s and don’ts when putting together your shopping list for the newborn.

Are Mesh Crib Bumpers Safe?

Keep your infant safe by giving all bumpers the bump!

Sling Safety For Baby And You

Safe babywearing starts with these easy tips.


Smoking, Drinking, And Other ‘No-Nos’ When Breastfeeding

Learn what's safe and not safe to do while breastfeeding.


Pacifier Do’s And Don’ts

A pacifier can be your baby’s go-to for soothing relief – but be aware of the risks, too.


Winterize Your Baby’s Skin

Moisturize and dress your little one for the stresses of cold, dry winter air.


Caring For Baby’s Pearly Whites

Start dental care even before teeth emerge.


Newborn Hearing Tests: Can You Hear Me Now?

Early testing and intervention can make a difference for a lifetime.

Baby Walkers: Boon For Development? Or Banned And Dangerous?

What every parent needs to know about baby walker safety.

Picking Up Your Baby 101

Love your baby and your back with these tips to help reduce the pain of parenting.

Stair Safety: Raising Child Care to a New Level

Protect your child from falls by teaching her how to navigate stairs.

Baby’s Home! Time For Some Serious Germ Fighting

Do you use a dish towel to dry baby bottles? Learn why air drying is better.

Baby’s First Workout: Tummy Time

Just remember: “Back to sleep, tummy to play!”

Protect Your Child from Shaken Baby Syndrome

Calming yourself is the first step in prevention.

‘If Mom Loves Me, How Come There’s a New Baby?’

10 ways to get your kids on board (and even excited) about your family’s new arrival.

Home Monitors for SIDS: A Good Idea?

How your baby sleeps – not monitors – will help prevent SIDS.

Is Your Baby Ready for Solid Foods?

How to introduce your baby to a whole new world of food.

When Lullabies Don’t Work: How to Soothe a Newborn with Colic

How to help your little one thrive when all he wants to do is cry.

Baby, It’s Checkup Time! Your Wellness Visit Guide

Before baby gets checked from head to toe, here’s what you need to know.

Baby Bathing 101: What You Need to Know

The basics of getting baby from “mess” to “dressed.”

Baby’s Sitting Up and Growing Up

How to help enhance tune up your baby’s movement skills

How to Breastfeed Twins (Or More!)

Strategies for nursing when your hands (and arms) are full.

Be a Diaper Changing Pro

Do you know the Number 1 and Number 2 essential first steps?

7 Ways to Prep Your Pet for Baby

Why you’ll want to start way before baby arrives

Whose Room is Safest for Your Sleeping Newborn?

Should your newborn sleep in his own room or yours?

Can I Nurse My Adopted Baby?

Yes, it’s possible — with planning and dedication.

Keeping Baby Safe Outdoors

Whatever the season, have fun outdoors with your baby.

Nursing Your Baby, Nurturing Yourself

Breastfeeding has a way of bringing out all the big emotions.

Breastfeeding Apps for Savvy Moms

The basics haven't changed, but today's mom gets some tech support.

How to Keep Your Baby Safe From Choking

Most choking accidents happen at home; be watchful and prepared.

Baby on Board! Choosing an Infant Car Seat

Narrow your options with these smart before-you-buy tips.

Conquer Baby’s Teething Pain

Simple ways are the safest to bring sweet relief.

Room Share to Reduce the Risk of SIDS

Keep baby’s bed nearby for safe sleep time.

Drying Up Your Milk When It’s Time to Wean

Drying Up Your Milk When It’s Time to Wean

Skin-to-Skin Contact: Bond With Your Newborn

Both you and your baby win when you hold your newborn skin to skin.

All Aboard for Shopping Cart Safety

Kid-safe shopping carts? Maybe, kinda, sorta.

Breastfeeding on the Road: 9 Essential Tips for Travel

Follow this guide for breastfeeding or pumping on the go.

6 Breastfeeding Tips for Working Moms

Plan for successful breastfeeding when you return to work so you and your baby can rest easy.

Can’t Breastfeed? You Can Still Give Breast Milk

Milk banks are a safe alternative for your baby.

Get Rid of That Sleep Positioner — Now!

Before you use a sleep wedge for baby, read what experts say.


Why Should I Breastfeed?

Of course you want what’s best for your baby! Here’s how breastfeeding benefits both of you.

We’re in This Together: Your Partner's Role in Breastfeeding

Your partner doesn’t have to feel left out — or even jealous — when you breastfeed.

Learn How to Overcome These Common Breastfeeding Problems

Every new mom faces breastfeeding challenges. Get ahead of the game with these tips.

How Breastfeeding Changes as Baby Grows

As your baby grows, use these guidelines to help adjust how you breastfeed.

Brilliant – or Bunk? A Dozen Breastfeeding Myths

Think you know the true skinny about breastfeeding? Get the facts!

Breastfeeding Benefits Every Mom Should Know

Did you know breastfeeding can help you fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans faster?

Are You Ready for Breastfeeding?

Worried about breastfeeding? Take these steps to feel confident and prepared.

Am I Making Enough Breast Milk?

Learn these easy ways to increase your milk supply if your baby isn’t getting enough.

8 Breastfeeding Tips for Latching On

Breastfeeding success is “all in the latch”

Four Solutions for Your Baby’s Acid Reflux

Simple changes to baby’s eating and sleeping routines can help ease acid reflux.

Get Baby’s Caregivers on Board with Safe Sleep Practices

Nine need-to-know steps for caregivers to ensure your baby is safe asleep

Home with a Newborn — Now What?

Babies don’t come with instructions. But a helpful infant-care class can give you a healthy dose of confidence.

Safely Under Cover: Blankets That Babies Wear

More than a baby fashion trend, sleep sacks are a safety statement recommended by pediatricians.

What a Difference a Generation Makes: Progress in Safe Sleep for Babies

Today’s guidelines help babies sleep more safely and parents more soundly.

You Can Lower Your Baby’s Risk of SIDS — Before Birth and After

There’s still more to be learned about SIDS, but there are many ways parents can reduce the risk.


Separation Anxiety: Tough For Baby And Mama

Though it’s hard to deal with, it can be a good sign.