Premier Ob-Gyn Welcomes New Nurse Practitioner

Women's Health Update

Nurse Practitioner Julie Cianchetti-Bridgefod joined Premier Ob-Gyn in February.

Cianchetti-Bridgeford earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Miami University in 1997, after which she worked as a labor and delivery nurse while finishing her master’s degree.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I first went to college. At first I thought I might go to medical school,” she said. “It was about halfway through nursing school that I knew I wanted to be a nurse practitioner.” 

After receiving her master’s in women’s health in 2000 from the University of Cincinnati, Cianchetti-Bridgeford got her nurse practitioner license. She worked as a nurse practitioner for more than a decade before spending the past year teaching at the Galen College of Nursing.

Cianchetti-Bridgeford said she found her way to Premier Ob-Gyn by a streak of good luck at the right time. After choosing to read an early morning email that was one she said she would normally delete, she noticed a posting for a nurse practitioner opening with the practice. 

Later that morning she was already in talks about the job opening she had happily stumbled upon.

Cianchetti-Bridgeford said she has focused on both gynecology and obstetrics over the years. She enjoys getting to provides comprehensive care to her patients. 

“I focus on preventive care, wellness care, and also deal with problems patients might have during their visits,” she said. “I can write prescriptions and do office procedures, as needed.”

On a personal level, Cianchetti-Bridgeford said she has enjoyed being a nurse practitioner because the work schedule has allowed her to spend with her family in the evenings while focusing on her patients during daytime working hours.

“I’m a patient, too, at times, and I always find it frustrating when I go to my doctor and they don’t listen to me,” Cianchetti-Bridgeford said. “I want my patients to feel like I listened to them, and I try to provide them with the care they were hoping for.

“I want my patients to feel confident that they can call me with anything, and I’ll take care of it to the very best of my ability.”

Cianchetti-Bridgeford said she feels a special connection with patients because they trust her to care for what might be some of their most private concerns.

“As obstetrics and gynecology providers, women trust us immediately with information they often don’t share with anyone else,” she said. “I see that as a privilege, and I think that makes the relationship between a patient and her OB/Gyn provider really special.” 

She said she’s also grateful to get to experience so many exciting life events with her patients, such as a first pregnancy.

Cianchetti-Bridgeford grew up in Cincinnati. She currently lives in Oxford with her husband and nine children – seven boys and two girls. Together, they enjoy boating and are “football fanatics.”

Make an appointment with Ciachetti-Bridgeford or another health care provider with Premier Ob-Gyn online or call (937) 748-8516.

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