Premier Health’s New Vision Statement and 2035 Strategic Plan

Premier Pulse     January 2023

To Inspire Better Health

A message from Mike Riordan, president and CEO of Premier Health

For several weeks now, I’ve been anxious to unveil Premier Health’s new vision statement – and I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had a hard time keeping it under wraps. Our previous vision statement had a great deal going for it, but I’m excited that our latest vision is just four simple words – easy to commit to memory and keep top of mind as all of us carry out our organization’s vital work. What delights me most is that so many of you had a hand in creating this short phrase that will help guide our organization into the future. I invite you to view this video introduction to our new vision and the recap of the process through which it was created.

We are sharing this new vision statement in advance of a rollout starting this week of our new strategic plan, which was developed at the same time as our new vision. Unlike previous strategic plans that focused on a three-year horizon, this strategic plan includes not only short-term goals, but also looks ahead more than a decade to where we need to go. Again, input from across the Premier Health team has been key to this effort. I welcome your thoughts around our new vision statement.

What ideas do you have for inspiring better health at work, at home, and out in the community?

Our 2035 Strategic Plan

A message from Lainie Dean, system vice president and chief strategy officer for Premier Health

Last year, we set out to achieve something ambitious: develop a new vision to inspire our organization, while laying the groundwork for a strategic plan that addresses our organization’s short-term needs and positions us to best fulfill our mission through 2035.

Mission accomplished.

This process has been unprecedented for Premier Health – not only because of its dual scope in creating both our vision and the strategic path to get there, but also for its inclusivity and ownership entirely by us. Creating our new strategic plan and vision has been a central focus for us over the past nine months – even as we have addressed our core goals of ensuring we have a skilled and engaged workforce delivering a strong patient experience while tracking toward a break-even operating margin by the end of 2024. In the years ahead, it will supply the inspiration, the engagement, the empowerment, and the strategic consensus needed to serve our communities and our workforce in exciting and sustainable ways.

Our strategic plan will support the following areas by outlining clear actions and metrics that also line up with our health system’s organizational criteria and vision:

  • Differentiate Premier Health through academic and research distinction
  • Secure our future with workforce development
  • Consistently exceed expectations through operational excellence
  • Drive meaningful growth in partnership with others

Our leaders will be sharing this plan with you in greater detail in the coming days and weeks – and watch the latest “Real Talk” video with Mike Riordan and me to learn more about how this all fits together.We hope you have felt heard – because individually and collectively, your voice has helped shape both where we’re going (the vision) and how we’ll get there (the strategic plan).

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