Rob’s Story: Slowing Down and Enjoying Life After Farm Accident

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When Rob Quinter went out to feed his cattle on a chilly November morning in 2013, he had no idea how his life would soon change.

While he was near the back of his tractor, a loose zipper on his pant leg became tangled in a spinning driveshaft, pulling his leg into the moving machinery.

“I felt it start to tug on my leg and at that point, I just grabbed on to the side of the mixer, hoping it would tear my pants.”

The situation progressed rapidly, seriously injuring Rob, who was alone at the barn.

“It ended up basically completely ripping the bottom half of my leg off,” he said. 

When Rob realized what had happened, he said, “I closed my eyes and my whole life flashed in before me. And I knew at that point I had a choice to either lay there and probably bleed to death or get up and get some help.”

He managed to hobble back to the other side of the barn to his truck where his 9-year-old son was waiting. The boy helped him call 911, and then the younger Quinter ran to the house on the farm for help. 

Trauma Network Coordinates Quick Care

Paramedic Shirley Johns arrived to find Rob on the ground, his son at his side, and the owner of the house holding a towel on Rob’s injury. Amber Hoelsher, the homeowner and a nurse’s aide, had kept pressure on Rob’s injury until the Fort Loramie Rescue Squad arrived.

The rescue squad took Rob to Wilson Memorial Hospital in Sidney, where he was immediately transferred to CareFlight and flown to Miami Valley Hospital.

Rob’s first surgery after his initial emergency care resulted in the removal of his leg below the knee, but a few days later an infection required the removal of his knee. 

Rob might not have realized it at the beginning of his experience, but later he felt his grandfather’s influence as he worked to recover.

“My grandpa taught me when I was young that… pain don’t hurt. He [told me that] your mind is so strong, you can talk your mind into or out of almost anything…you can do anything, if you put your mind to it...I just told myself from the beginning that I’m gonna get through this and I’m gonna go back to what I was doing before.”

By mid-January, he was being fitted for a prosthesis. Nine months later, he was working with therapists to learn how to live his life with his new leg, talking about how he’s able to do 99% of what he could before the accident. There were a few rough spots when he wasn’t sure how things would turn out.

“I was that close, a couple different times throughout [this], and I’m just so thankful I’m here to slow down and enjoy life a little bit.”

He sounds like his grandfather when he reminds, “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.”

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