Joe’s Story: Teenager Survives Gunshot Wound

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From the moment James Pinell saw the ambulances and police cruiser speed by him, he got an uneasy feeling. The feeling became more unsettling for him when he realized the squad turned down his lane and was headed to his house.

His 16-year-old son, Joe, had suffered a gunshot wound to his stomach.

“And so I drive down the driveway and they’re just putting up the police tape and an officer comes out and Paul, the boy who had shot Joe, come out and says, ‘I accidentally shot Joe,’” James said.

But he was reassured right away by first responders.

“They were like, “Everything is going to be okay.  He’s doing fine. He’s sitting and talking to the officers and ambulance workers and about that time the helicopter landed,” James said.

Miami Valley Hospital trauma surgeon John Bini, MD, treated Joe.

“We had a trauma page and it said that there was a gun – 16-year-old gunshot wound to the abdomen that was going to be coming as a direct-scene flight from Warren County.”

Multiple Wounds

It was discovered that not only was Joe’s liver severely damaged from the gunshot, his pancreas and small intestine suffered some damage also. Surgeons were able to reconnect the small intestine. But it was two days before they received the good news that Joe’s spine was not impacted.

After surgery, when he was in the intensive care unit, Joe learned about the extent his injuries. He was conscious and breathing on his own. Joe was making great strides in his recovery.

Linda Mooreman, RN, was one of the nurses with Joe in the intensive care unit. But she also cared for his family.

“Usually, in the trauma ICU, it’s very stressful for the families and for the nurses and for the patients,” said Linda. “So, as ICU nurses, you would take care not just of the patient. You take care of the family members.  They are part of the care team.”

One member of Joe’s care team that he especially connected with was Lonnie Osborne, RN. Joe and Lonnie talked about hunting and fishing.

James and Joe credit the entire care team with saving his life.

“You know, from the ambulance driver, to the police, to the helicopter pilot to the surgeon, to the nurse,” said James. “If we did not have everybody playing their part, he wouldn’t be here.”

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