Devin’s Story: Multidisciplinary Care Helps Car Accident Victim Recover

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While Valerie Moore was sleeping, her son, Devin, was in an accident.

“They said Devin was in a bad car accident,” Valerie recalled. “I woke up, and I couldn’t comprehend. I said, ‘No, he’s in his bed sleeping.’ But he wasn’t.”

“To look at his body, you would think nothing was wrong,” said Janae Moore, Devin’s sister. “He only had scrapes on his hand, so you’re wondering like, what is wrong, what is it?” 

“In Devin’s particular case, he had injuries to his pelvis which were quite severe,” said A. Peter Ekeh, MD, FACS, trauma surgeon at Miami Valley Hospital. “The bladder injury had to go to the operating room pretty quickly, within an hour after arriving. I did that initial operation.”

“He died three times, and they brought him back,” said Valerie. “They didn’t give up on him, they didn’t give up on him at all.”

Amazing Progress and Recovery

It took two hours to repair Devin’s bladder and to look for other injuries in his abdomen.

“His intestinal contents were coming out from wounds in his abdomen, so it was a very complicated situation,” Dr. Ekeh said. “[After surgery] Devin was moved to a long-term care facility, and I continued to follow him throughout this period…our care as a trauma center does not end when the patient walks out of the door.”

Felipe Rubio, MD, pulmonologist at Miami Valley Hospital, said Devin had a large abdominal wound that required close follow-up after surgery.

Dr. Ekeh added, “We reconstructed his abdomen… put him back together, and he did quite well. Remarkably well from that operation.”

Devin left the long-term care facility 10½ months after the accident and returned to Miami Valley Hospital. Doctors were able to remove some of the tubes he needed during post-operative recovery.

“He began to have more active physical therapy, going down to the gym, going on the parallel bar, and getting fully mobilized,” Dr. Rubio said.

Devin loved being able to spend time with his son at the hospital. “I finally walked down the street to a bakery, got my son some donuts. I never walked that far. I did it because of him, and I feel so good.”

“That’s the miracle of recovery,” Dr. Rubio said. “When you’re young, and he was young, and he had the A team working with him after the accident, he was able to achieve that dream.”

Dr. Ekeh said Devin was one of those individuals who people were really amazed at his progress and his recovery. “Looking at him makes me and others on my team realize why we do what we do. We’re very privileged and blessed to have this opportunity to use our skills and expertise to bring healing to people.”

“I’m just so glad that I’m still here,” said Devin. “I thank God for everything, I’m so glad my mom’s still here with me, and everybody’s still here with me. Thank God, Dr. Ekeh… the whole Miami Valley Hospital for real saved my life.”

“I wouldn’t know what I would have done without Miami Valley,” Valerie said. “It was so wonderful, you just don’t know. I don’t think any other hospital could have done this.”

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