Bobby’s Story: Not Deterred by Brain, Other Injuries

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Bobby Birdsong’s mother received the call no parent wants – a call at 2 a.m. saying her son had been injured badly in a motor vehicle collision.

“Bobby had a significant brain injury,” said Randy Woods, MD, FACS, trauma surgeon at Miami Valley Hospital. “Dr. Colle was the neurosurgeon on call and Dr. Colle was able to take him to the operating room to remove part of his skull and relieve some of the pressure in the brain.”

Jaquita Hagood, Bobby’s mother, said her son was in a coma 15 days, lost a lot of blood and was helped by equipment she’s never seen before such as breathing machines.

“Just walking in that room and seeing him in that state was – you don’t know how to really feel… But a sense of determination came over me. It is my son, I just want him to fight for his life,” she said.

Dr. Woods said that a Level I trauma center such as Miami Valley Hospital can take care of almost any injury a patient could sustain including Bobby’s head injury. 

“And, having specialists like Dr. Colle available that can quickly take the patient to the operating room to relieve the pressure in the brain, to evacuate the bleeding that’s occurring in the skull, is the difference between life and death or a functional recovery or not,” Dr. Woods said.

A Work In Progress

Jaquita Hagood said her son’s improvement is a work in progress.

Dr. Woods said the availability of the Miami Valley Hospital Level I trauma center were vital to Bobby’s future.

“The fact that Bobby had to go to the operating room urgently after his accident and the fact that the people and the staff and the facilities were available are a big reason why Bobby improved to the point he has today,” he said.

Bobby said he remembered getting dropped off to go with his friends the evening of the accident, and then waking up in the hospital. “I just want to thank everyone,” he said.

The days are better again for Jaquita Hagood. “I’m good. My baby boy is here … My baby is walking around every day. It’s like a miracle, to be honest, to see him.”

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