Barry’s Story: After Car Accident A Second Chance at Life

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The fear of seeing a loved one’s vehicle wrapped around a light pole, but not knowing anything else, is something Shay Ishman knows too well.

“I had the kids in the car with me. I was coming up the street. I saw the truck. So instantly, I broke down because I knew what the truck looked like, and I knew it was his truck,” she said of her husband Barry’s vehicle that had been hit by another car and forced into the pole.

The accident happened so quickly that Barry Ishman didn’t see it coming.

“I didn’t even see no pole. That’s what’s weird about it. I thought maybe I would have seen it but it happened so fast,” he said.

The Dayton Fire Department transported him to the Shaw Emergency and Trauma Center at Miami Valley Hospital, the region’s only Level I facility.

By the time Shay arrived at the hospital, Barry was in surgery. As a result of the accident, he lost his left kidney and spleen, bruised his pancreas, and broke a leg. He spent 41 days at Miami Valley Hospital and was then transferred to a nursing home for rehabilitation. 

Grateful for Support

During his hospital stay, she wanted to help her husband, but didn’t really know what to do.

“It was really horrible, from that moment, not knowing what to do and being so clueless. I just would not leave. I could not leave the hospital. I basically lived here, and they were my support.”

Shay remains grateful for the support their entire family received from the physicians and staff at MVH as they worked not only to save Barry’s life, but also to return him to as normal an existence as possible.

“They took great care of him, they allowed me to take great care of him, and they supported us all through and through,” she said.

Barry was reminded just how lucky he was when he saw his youngest child, Brooklyn, for the first time after the accident.

“Man,” he said, “when I came back around from everything that happened to me, my daughter was the first thing that was on my mind.”

Brooklyn missed her dad, too, because they had never been separated for any length of time. “She’s a daddy’s girl and she didn’t take it so well,” her mother said, fighting back tears.

Barry is improving every day. While he’s still not 100 percent, he’s working hard and tries to be independent. And while he’s grateful for his health, he’s most grateful for the chance to keep living his life.

“Life is short, so you gotta enjoy every minute. Stay happy, positive, and keep moving,” he said.

Shay credits the talented team at Miami Valley Hospital and believes her husband’s recovery is a miracle. “He is so blessed to be here and miracles do happen. It’s so wonderful. …I don’t know what I would have done if things had worked out any different.” 

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