Ashley’s Story: Leg Amputation Doesn’t Stop Survivor’s Spirit

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Ashley Brady was trying to avoid causing an accident. She was doing all she could to move her vehicle when all of a sudden she was struck from behind by another vehicle.

Ashley’s car had stalled. Sensing the urgency to move it, she tried to push it out of the way and was hit. Ashley was crushed between the two cars. The force of the accident amputated her leg.

But it was her determination and her sister’s love that helped Ashley fight to stay alive and get back her life.

“We can make it through anything.  It doesn’t matter what life throws at us,” said Stephanie Gray, Ashley’s sister. “We can make it through anything and we will stay close and be there for each other always.”

Because of the severity of Ashley’s injuries the first responders on the scene made the decision to take her to Miami Valley Hospital.

“Before this happened to my sister, I did not know what a Level l trauma unit was. I did not know there were different levels. I did not know the importance,” said Stephanie. “I knew that everyone told me Miami Valley had the best trauma unit. After going through this experience with my sister, I am very aware of how important a Level I trauma unit was to her recovery and her survival.”

Stephanie was by Ashley’s side throughout the entire process. Doctors, nurses, physical therapists and the entire clinical team knew the important of making sure Stephanie understood and participated in Ashley’s fight to return to her life.

Back to Living Life

And fight she did. 

“You realize how horrible your balance is. You also realize that your other limb is not as strong as you once thought it was because no one is supporting your whole body, said Ashley.  

“I started with a walker so I had to like have that crutch essentially in order to keep me from tumbling over. Walking without it was hard and I moved from a walker to a cane and then slowly like without it.  But it really has all to do with balance and then just learning the resistance of the leg and how to – and hopefully your leg, your prosthetic leg is getting a little bit stronger every day.”

When Stephanie looks back on Ashley and her recovery. She credits Miami Valley Hospital and Ashley. “Oh, she’s amazing. She’s amazing today.  It’s like she’s back to living life as she did before.”

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