Angie’s Story: Gunshot Victim Defeats the Odds

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The notion of crawling before walking is most often used as a metaphor, but for Angela Boren, it became reality when she found herself recovering from a gunshot wound that severed her aorta. 

Her journey started after the incident when she was initially transported to Miami Valley Hospital South. Once her condition was evaluated, it was clear she needed to be taken to Miami Valley Hospital’s Level I Trauma Center for care. By the time the paramedics arrived with Angela, she had no evident blood pressure or pulse, according to paramedic Shirley Johns.

Angela was met in the treatment room by the staff and John Bini, Lt. Col., USAF, MD, FACS, a trauma surgeon. Dr. Bini realized the severity of her condition and did her first surgery in the treatment room, then moved her to an operating room.

“Any delay in trying to get her taken care of would have changed her outcome to where she would have died,” he said.

Her mother was at home in California City, CA when her son called to tell her about Angela’s accident.

“All I did that day was pray,” said Sue Sorice. She just wanted one more opportunity to talk with her daughter, whether it was to say hello or goodbye. Angela’s family that lives locally was at the hospital, waiting for news from Dr. Bini as her mother made the journey to Ohio. After the first day of surgeries, all the doctor could offer was, “She’s alive for now.”

After three weeks, Angela’s breathing tube was removed. She began to interact with her family and made good progress, Dr. Bini said.

“When people are able to talk, interact, and move around…and have some autonomy again…they do better.”

She left the hospital after 40 days much improved, but still unable to walk.

Getting Her Life Back

Family support and her own strength motivated her to keep improving.

“I didn’t want to work on learning how to live life in a wheel chair. I wanted to learn how to get my life back,” Angela said.

Then one day she looked at her mother and asked if she might be able to crawl. She figured if she could accomplish that task, then walking couldn’t be far behind. She’s still working on walking without assistance, but her progress is remarkable.

Angela knows she’s lucky to be alive. 

Her family attributes her miraculous recovery to the skill and compassion she received from Dr. Bini. Without him, her father Chris Boren said, his daughter wouldn’t be with him today.

“I mean, what do you say to somebody who saved your daughter’s life? How many times can you thank them?”

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