Functional Capacity And Ability Testing

Premier Health offers functional capacity evaluations for employers, physicians, insurance companies, attorneys, and case managers to determine an individual’s functional ability.

The evaluation is administered by a licensed physical or occupational therapist specially trained in functional capacity evaluations. The evaluation usually takes three to four hours and measures the individual’s ability to perform work-related tasks and overall function. The individual’s health status and capabilities will be compared to the demands of the job by using a series of standardized tests with performance-based measures.

What Can the Evaluation Determine?

  • The individual’s ability to work
  • Whether the individual’s abilities match the job requirements
  • Recommendations for work restrictions and modifications
  • Evaluation for Medicaid or Social Security disability
  • Recommendations for treatment and rehabilitation
  • Worker’s compensation case settlement

What Is Tested In a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

Each evaluation is tailored to the individual and the goals of testing, but it may include:

  • Material handling: lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling
  • Positional tolerances, such as sitting and standing
  • Repetitive movements, such as reaching and climbing
  • Dexterity and handling
  • Metabolic endurance
  • Physical effort and reliability of symptoms
  • Job-specific physical requirements


Reports are produced in two to three days of the evaluation and sent to the referring provider. The evaluator can complete other agencies’ documents regarding the individual’s abilities.

Locations and Contact Information


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Functional Capacity and Ability Testing at UVMC Outpatient Care Center South

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