Parkinson’s LSVT LOUD Program

Parkinson’s Disease affects the way you walk and talk. That’s because the disease changes the way your brain sends signals to your body. You may not even be aware of these changes. They result in:

  • Movements that are slower and less deliberate. For example, you walk more slowly and take smaller steps.
  • Softer speech. Your family and co-workers may struggle to hear you.

Since 1987, LSVT* BIG and LOUD rehab programs have been shown to produce significant improvements. Premier Health’s therapists are specifically trained in LSVT BIG and LOUD therapies.

* LSVT = Lee Silverman Voice Training

LSVT LOUD Improves Speech

Although you may not realize it, your co-workers and family may think your voice is getting softer and more difficult to hear. The four-week LSVT LOUD program can significantly help. Using proven, easy-to-do exercises, it can:

  • Improve the strength of your voice
  • Improve the consistency of your voice instead of going from soft to loud to soft
  • Help you recognize when you need to adjust your tone so others can understand you
  • Improve swallowing
  • Improve facial expression

Those who have completed LSVT LOUD report that the program has:

  • Improved their confidence
  • Helped them better succeed at work and home 

What To Expect

LSVT LOUD is a four-week program consisting of 16 one-hour sessions with a LOUD therapist. You will have exercises to complete at home after each session. You’re encouraged to incorporate the LOUD principles into your daily life. Follow-through and practice are the key to success and an improved quality of life.

A Physician Order Is Not Required

The state of Ohio Physical Therapy Practice Act and Premier Health both allow patients to be seen via Direct Access. That means no physician order is required.  

However, some insurance companies require a physician order, so check with your insurance plan or ask our team to assist you. 

Locations and Contact Information

Emergency and Trauma care at Atrium Medical Center located at One Medical Center Drive Middletown, Ohio 45005

Middletown, OH

Parkinson's LSVT LOUD Program at Atrium Medical Center

One Medical Center Dr., Middletown, OH
(513) 974-4523 (513) 974-4523
Operated by Atrium Medical Center
Emergency Center care at Miami Valley Hospital North Campus 9000 North Main Street Englewood, Ohio

Englewood, OH

Parkinson's LSVT LOUD Program at Miami Valley Hospital North Campus

9000 N. Main St., Englewood, OH
(937) 734-5722 (937) 734-5722
Operated by Miami Valley Hospital

Dayton, OH

Parkinson's LSVT LOUD Program in Dayton

1715 Brown St., Dayton, OH
(937) 208-6090 (937) 208-6090
Operated by Miami Valley Hospital
Level 3 Trauma center located at Upper Valley Medical Center 3130 North County Road 25A Troy, OH 45373

Troy, OH

Parkinson's LSVT LOUD Program at Upper Valley Medical Center

3130 N. County Road 25A, Troy, OH
(937) 440-4840 (937) 440-4840
Operated by Upper Valley Medical Center