Rena’s Story: Fast Stroke Treatment, Back to Normal Activities

When Cynthia Simmons dropped by to see her mother one day, something wasn't right. Rena Jackson did not respond to Cynthia's jokes like usual. Cynthia noticed a gray look to her mom's face. Rena dropped a glass of water and didn't seem to understand what her daughter was saying.

Cynthia immediately called 911 and Rena was taken to Miami Valley Hospital’s Shaw Emergency and Level I Trauma Center.

As a Comprehensive Stroke Center, Miami Valley Hospital makes exceptional efforts to foster better outcomes for stroke care, including community outreach programs and working with emergency medical service staff to avoid delayed diagnosis.

Rena was immediately diagnosed as having an ischemic stroke and was given a drug called tissue plasminogen activator (tPA). Within 15 minutes, Cynthia noticed that Rena's speech started to come back. Thanks to immediate diagnosis and treatment, Rena suffered no loss of function and was immediately able to resume her normal activities.

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