School Screenings

Schools are at the heart of our community, building values and encouragement for a positive future. Premier Health is a part of that building process. Our partnership with multiple schools and districts in Southwest Ohio means we help train, teach and support students and staff in building a healthier community.

Hearing Screenings

Our staff will conduct hearing tests following state mandated screening standards. This five-minute test (or less!) uses an audiometer to identify hearing difficulties. Two Fidelity-supplied audiometers, in addition to the school’s audiometer (if available), make this screening go quickly. Students who fail will be tested again within six weeks. If their hearing hasn’t improved during that time, we’ll refer them to a physician. We’ll also follow up to be certain they are receiving appropriate care. A quiet room with a few tables and chairs is all that is needed.

Vision Screenings

We’ll test each participant’s ability to see clearly at a 10-foot distance using the standard eye chart. A chart of pictures and shapes will be used to test students who are unable to identify letters. Those who test worse than 20/30 will be re-tested within six weeks. If their vision hasn’t improved during that time, we’ll refer them to a physician. We’ll also follow up with them to be certain they are receiving appropriate care. For students who meet eligibility requirements, glasses vouchers are available.

Tests for depth perception and color blindness also will be administered, followed by the necessary referrals. Tables, chairs, and space that allows for 10 feet of distance between student and eye chart is all that is needed.

Scoliosis Screenings

Scoliosis screenings look for instances of curvature of the spine in students grades five through seven. Premier’s physical therapists are trained to do the screenings. No supplies are needed. A private space where our therapists may pull up the back of each student’s shirt in order to examine the spine will be needed. Those with abnormal results will be referred to a physician for follow-up examination.

Mobile Dental Clinic

Turn an empty room with ample electrical outlets into a dental clinic for the day. Digital X-rays, sealants, fluoride treatments and thorough cleanings are available. Our staff will pre-determine which students are eligible for care at no charge; others pay a nominal fee. Our team includes one to two dentists and five to six hygienists. Average completion time is 10 minutes or less. Each student goes home with a report indicating what the dentist found. Those with problems will be followed to be certain they are addressed. When necessary, medications will be prescribed. Schools are not charged for the mobile dental clinic.

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