Mobile Clinic

Premier Health’s Mobile Clinic brings health care services and screenings directly to residents and businesses of Southwest Ohio. Our goal is to build healthier communities by offering wellness services and health education on site at workplaces, community events and places of worship.

We customize our offerings for the needs of your event or business. A registered nurse or licensed practical nurse will administer screenings and vaccines.

Mobile Clinic Health Screenings and Services

Our mobile unit provides:

  • Biometric screenings, covering a variety of key health indicators:
    • Blood pressure screenings
    • Lipid profile: Partial or full lipid panel tests are available. The partial panel is non-fasting and measures total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein and glucose levels. The full lipid profile also includes the measurement of low-density lipoprotein and triglycerides. Requires an eight- to 10-hour fast for accurate results.
    • Hemoglobin A1C non-fasting screenings for people with diabetes to measure blood glucose levels on average over three months. It also can be used to test non-diabetics who have a high blood sugar result.
    • Carbon monoxide testing for those who smoke or who are exposed to secondhand smoke
    • Body mass index including height and weight measurements
    • Vision and hearing screenings
      • We’ll test both eyes using the standard eye chart and make referrals if vision is worse than 20/20.
      • Our staff will conduct 10-minute hearing tests with an audiometer, following state-mandated screening standards to identify hearing difficulties.
  • Cotinine screenings to detect the level of cotinine, a byproduct of nicotine, in the blood
  • Drug screenings
  • Hernia screenings: A nurse practitioner or physician will perform a physical exam of the individual’s abdominal area to check for an inguinal hernia that has pushed through the abdominal wall. If the exam produces evidence of a hernia, our staff will recommend a follow-up visit to a physician’s office.
  • Flu vaccines given at on-site flu clinics beginning each fall
  • Diabetic retinal screenings
  • Telemedicine appointments with a physician or advanced practice provider

People receiving health screenings will obtain their results immediately. Our health professionals will recommend any follow-up care individuals may need.

Free Community Events

The mobile clinic routinely offers free health screenings at community events in Southwest Ohio. Please call (877) 274-4543(877) 274-4543 for upcoming events.

Schedule a Mobile Clinic Visit

To schedule the Mobile Clinic at your worksite or special event, call us for pricing and other information. To ensure availability, we request that you contact us four weeks before your event.

The Mobile Clinic was funded by CareSource and Miami Valley Hospital Foundation.

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Premier Health is ready to help you build a healthier community, a healthier school and a healthier workforce. Community health services are offered through Premier Community Health and Fidelity Health Care. Call us at (877) 274-4543(877) 274-4543 or contact us online to learn more about our services and schedule a meeting or events.