Premier Health Partners Introduces Southwest Ohio's First Fully Integrated Computerized Patient Information System

World-class system launched at Miami Valley Hospital will link clinical, financial and scheduling information for patients at all Premier Health Partners' facilities

Dayton, OH – Premier Health Partners has powered up the area's first fully integrated, computerized system to manage all patient information. Launched at Miami Valley Hospital in October, the system will ultimately connect all Premier facilities, including Good Samaritan Hospital (closed in 2018), Middletown Regional Hospital and the new Atrium Medical Center in Middletown with real-time clinical, financial and scheduling information about any patient at any location.

For physicians, the system helps assure the highest quality of care. "A fully computerized patient record is a tremendous asset in reducing the risk of errors. The information is legible, up-to-the-minute, and double checked for accuracy, because the system has built-in alerts for possible drug interactions or dosing questions," says Brian Zimmerman, MD, emergency room physician.

It also allows doctors to be much more efficient, gathering large amounts of data very quickly. And busy physicians can access real-time data about their patient's care and status securely from the hospital, their office or wherever they are.

Patients will see benefits as well. The sophisticated information system, which also has built-in security so that information is protected, promises better coordination of the health services they receive and faster treatment decisions. Once their medical history is entered into the system, new services are automatically linked to the patient record so that their doctors have the latest data at every visit, including the results of prior tests and treatment. This can help avoid repeat testing and speed treatment choices because doctors no longer have to wait for paper records or films to arrive.

Having immediate access to information can also make a life or death difference. For example, when an unresponsive patient arrives in the emergency department, doctors can use the system to identify possibly fatal allergies or existing conditions.

"Where other health systems manage pieces of their patient-care record with computers, Premier is unique in the region. We're the first to connect everything we need to know about our patients in one comprehensive data system," says Mikki Clancy, Premier vice president and chief information officer.

A 2006 survey by HIMSS Analytics, a subsidiary of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, confirms that only about one in 10 U.S. hospitals are using this kind of sophisticated technology to manage patient data.

"Premier is investing $50 million over five years to improve patient care, safety and access with this technology. That's unprecedented in this geographic area. It speaks volumes about Premier's commitment to building a healthier community. It also highlights Premier's commitment to managing costs. We estimate it will save the hospitals $7 million a year," says Christopher Danis, MD, MVH Chief of Staff.

Physicians and other members of the care team access the system through 1600 computers installed in each patient room and at hallway stations or on rolling carts that doctors can use as they make their rounds.

Facts about eSynergy with Epic

What is eSynergy with Epic?

eSynergy with Epic is Premier Health Partners' paperless, integrated, real-time information system that enhances every aspect of patient care. The comprehensive Epic software integrates more than 20 different software applications being used throughout Premier's three hospitals into one comprehensive data system. The integrated Epic applications include:

  • Cadence for patient scheduling
  • Epic Care for order entry, clinical documentation, results review, bedside device integration, patient education, treatment planning and clinical pathways
  • EpicRx for pharmacy
  • Prelude for registration
  • Resolute for billing

Of the seven highest-ranked applications in the KLAS 2006 Mid-Year Top 20, four are Epic products. KLAS evaluates 100 products for these rankings.

Which of the software applications are now operational at Miami Valley Hospital?

  • Cadence for patient scheduling
  • Epic Care for order entry, clinical documentation, results review
  • EpicRx for pharmacy
  • Prelude for registration

When will the rest of the applications be installed?

Software to manage billing functions will be installed at all three Premier hospitals in the summer of 2007.

Who is the software developer?

Epic Systems Corporation. This employee-owned company based in Madison, WI, specializes in fully integrated computer applications to provide a single patient record for both inpatient and outpatient care.

When will eSynergy with Epic be available at each Premier hospital?

At Miami Valley Hospital on October 14, 2006
Good Samaritan Hospital will go live in October, 2007
Middletown Regional Hospital will go live in June, 2007. The system will also be installed in the new Atrium Medical Center in Middletown, to open December 2007.

What about available to doctors?

PHP's 140 physicians will soon be linked to EPIC.

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