Miami Valley Hospital Emergency Department Renovation Completed

Dayton, OH (February 15, 2014) - All lanes are now open in the Miami Valley Hospital’s

Emergency and Trauma Center. For a little over a year, physicians and caregivers had been living in a construction zone. Now renovation was finally completed. A need for bigger rooms and more beds with monitors at one of the busiest emergency departments in the area was the impetus behind a $12 million renovation and expansion.

The North, South and East references once used to designate areas of the emergency department when it opened in 2001 have gone away. New references are Green, Gold, Blue and Rapid Treatment Area. Staff work stations have been placed closer to treatment rooms making delivery of care more efficient.

Now that work in the emergency department is complete the area has a total of 77 patient rooms. This includes 73 monitored beds, four beds for psychiatric patients and a new area called the Rapid Treatment Station. This space features six cubicles to treat patients with minor emergencies.

The emergency department gained additional square footage by annexing space once occupied by a specialty clinic. Now all patient treatment rooms are nearly double in size.

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