Premier Pulse

Volume 5, Issue 1 – January 2018

Premier Health Announces Closure of Good Samaritan Hospital (closed in 2018)

GSH-MPremier Health recently announced the difficult but necessary decision to phase out services and staff at Good Samaritan Hospital’s main campus on Philadelphia Drive and has put together a team of physicians, nurses, administrators, and support staff to address areas such as staff, patient care, providers, general operations, community relations, redevelopment, and communications. Read more.

What does VALUE mean in health care?

P-W-COM41507-Clark_105By Jerry Clark, MD, chief medical officer and president, Premier Health Group; chief medical officer, Premier Health Plans; and chief executive officer, Premier Health ACO of Ohio

Value is a popular buzzword in health care. Physicians/providers, employers and patients should each contribute to this definition. It’s important that each stakeholder be in alignment if we are going to be successful in affecting health care costs and outcomes in the United States, which make up a $3.3 trillion sector, consuming approximately 20 percent of our economy. Read more.

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