Premier Excellence in Nursing (PEN) Clinical Advancement Program

The key focus of the clinical advancement program is to align the clinical leaders/caregivers' contribution to the strategic outcomes (organizational performance related to quality, safety, patient-centered care, prevention and cost effectiveness). Premier Health believes that the development of the professional nurse is critical to the practice of clinical nursing. It provides an environment to positively impact patient outcomes and promotes a high standard of patient care. It is a pathway for RNs who choose to advance and grow within the clinical setting. 

The Clinical Ladder is designed to recognize and reward excellence and professionalism in the clinical setting. It is built on the characteristics and qualities identified in Patricia Benner's "novice to expert" theory of nursing development. It can be used to encourage growth of an individual from novice to expert.

This program has four overall objectives for RNs providing patient care. They are to:

  • Create an environment that promotes high quality patient care
  • Provide recognition and reward associated with level of clinical expertise
  • Attract and retain highly skilled RNs
  • Provide a network of resources for clinical expertise, collaboration, and consultation