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A Sample of our Best: Research & Evidence Based Practice Presentations

NICU Nursing

Morrison T, Davis A, Clayton A, Belcastro M, Bixler M, Spitzmiller E, Scanlan J, Bliss R, Fisher D, Wilhelm N, Connelly C.  Reducing Alarm Fatigue in the NICU.  Annual Quality Congress.-Vermont Oxford Network. Chicago, Ill. 2015

Morrison T. ECMO Quality Improvement. European ELSO Conference. Glasgow, Scotland. 2016.

Nursing Research

O’Malley P & Trotter T. Multisite Interprofessional Assessment of Workplace Violence in Health Care. 2022 ANCC Magnet Research Conference.  Philadelphia PA. 2022.

Shay A, Fulton J, O’Malley P.  Mobility-Related Outcomes for Hospitalized COPD Patients: Clinical Nurse Specialist Impact. 11th Annual International NP/APN Network Virtual Conference. International Council of Nurses, Geneva, Switzerland. 2021.   

Clinical Care

Neff J. Endovascular Stroke Alert Improves Door to Groin Stick Time.  International Stroke Conference- American Heart & Stroke Association. Houston, Texas. 2017.

Morman A.  Implementing a PCI Bleeding Risk Reduction Tool.  NCDR- ACC National Data Manager Conference. Orlando, FLA.  2018.

Neurological Nursing

Reynolds S, Liskay A, Love T, Brown D et al. Do Social Determinants of Health Predict Recovery in the First 90 Days after Stroke?   International Stroke Conference-American Heart Association & Stroke Association.   Honolulu, Hawaii. 2019.

Trotter T. Evidence-Based Screening for Post-Stroke Depression. Sigma Theta Tau 30th International Nursing Congress. Calgary, Ontario Canada. 2019.

Trotter T & Crump G. APN and Telemedicine Neurologist Dyads: Increasing Inpatient Access. The ANCC National Magnet Conference. Philadelphia, PA.   2022.

Electronic Health Record

Rieger B, Southerland B, VanCulin E. Evolving Informatics Into a Magnet Culture. XGM EPIC Conference. Verona, WI.  2019

Potts A, Jones S, Hatter D, Townsend E. A Multidisciplinary Approach to Individualized Patient Care and Nursing Excellence: Navigating the Changing Landscape of Oncology Nursing Enhancement of a Navigator Program. University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center & The MD Anderson Cancer Network Symposium. Houston, Texas.  2019.

Nursing Education

Burke C. Making Experienced RN Orientation Worthwhile, Meaningful and Appropriate.  46th Annual National Conference on Professional Nursing Education & Development. Cleveland, Ohio. 2019.


Brush B. Lawless M, Johnson S, Johnson S. Promoting Joint Replacement Patient Compliance in the Financially Driven World of Health Care Today. NOAN National Congress.  Albuquerque, NM. 2018.

Flight Nursing

Schueler J. Disaster Preparedness: A Different Perspective from a Hospital-Based Air Medical Team.  Covering the Bases: Hot Topics in Emergency Nursing.  Ohio State Council of Emergency Room Nurses Association. Columbus, Ohio.   2019.

Quality Improvement

Hodges M. Closing the Gap Between Data Abstraction and the Emergency Department: Understanding Decision to Admit Time and Improving Efficiency and Timeliness of Stroke Certification Outcome and Process Measures. Ohio Hospital Quality Summit. Columbus, Ohio. 2018.

Workplace Violence

Beasley M, Elliott S, Gilbert E, Kostecka CJ. Safe Nurse, Safe Patient. Understanding Workplace Violence.   Dayton Ohio Organization Nurse Leaders.  Dayton Ohio.   2022.