Technical Education 

Nursing Connect helps you find technical education offered through the Premier Health network. Find answers to frequently asked questions about technical education here.

What type of education is offered?

Technical Education and Support is made up of several different teams that provide education and support for technical applications. Our team provides e-learning, classroom training, tip sheets/newsletters, and on-site support.

  • API Staffing and Scheduling
  • Epic Ambulatory 
  • Epic ED / ASAP 
  • Epic Inpatient 
  • Epic Inpatient Medical Staff (Physicians, Residents, and Licensed Independent Practitioners) 
  • Epic OpTime/Anesthesia 
  • Epic Revenue Cycle (Cadence/Scheduling, Prelude/Registration, Resolute/Billing)
  • Lawson

Is there a charge for training?

    No, there is not a charge for training.

    How does the training relate to job requirements?

    Most roles require access to Epic and require training. Training is determined by job role to meet job requirements. 

    Where are the classrooms?

    Classrooms are available across Premier Health and are located at each facility: 

    Who teaches the classes?

    Technical Education and Support consists of both clinical and non-clinical staff who have completed either credentialing or certification in Epic to provide education in their areas of specialty.