Annual Competencies

Nursing Connect knows that regular development of your skills is an essential part of your role in comprehensive, high-quality patient care. Learn more about annual competencies, including the model used, competency determination, and program timeframes.

Donna Wright Competency Assessment

Premier Health utilizes the Donna Wright Competency Assessment model. This model involves:

  • Collaboration between employees and leadership to identify competencies that are reflective of the nature of the work. 
  • Verification is employee-centered. Verification method choices are identified and appropriately match the competency category. Verification is completed using 11 different method categories, including guided practice, evidence of daily work, and development of critical thinking skills.
  • Leadership creates a culture of success that is focused on the mission of the organization, as well as focused on supporting positive employee behavior. 

About Competencies

Competencies are completed annually. Currently, each facility determines the timeframe for competency assessment. In addition, each nursing unit determines what competencies will be completed for the given year. 

The competency determination is done through collaboration with the nursing staff, the unit educator, and the nursing manager. These groups enter topics into a worksheet that divides potential competency topics into four categories: 

  • new products, policy changes, initiatives, equipment
  • changes in procedures, policies, initiatives
  • high risk aspects of the job
  • problematic aspects of the job

The suggested topics are then reviewed and determined to be a high, medium, or low priority. Based on these determinations, the topics are selected, and the verification methods are created. Employees are given the opportunity to choose which verification method they prefer and complete this by the due date. The educator then determines if the employee has met the competency requirements.