Professional Development

Nursing Connect helps you follow Premier Health’s mission of lifelong learning achieved through nursing professional development. Premier Health’s Clinical Education team supports the organization by optimizing the focus, design, and delivery of education to clinical staff, therefore preparing employees to care for both the current patient population and future patient needs. Our programs focus on professional growth with the adult learner in mind. Our education and development team focuses on delivering education that is learner-focused, professionally developed, interprofessional, and evidence-based. 

Technical Education

Find answers to frequently asked questions about technical education. Learn More.

Going Back to School?

Premier Health supports lifelong learning by providing resources to expand knowledge and to support nursing careers. Learn More.

Continuing Education

Nursing Connect knows that regular development of your skills is an essential part of your role in comprehensive, high-quality patient care. Learn More.

Educational Partners

Premier Health’s educational partners offer reduced fees and scholarships to qualifying students. Learn More.

Online Resources

Connect to sites that provide health education, information about procedures, continuing education, and online courses. Learn More.