Premier Health welcomes new members to our care team at every level. Our provider partners and staff are committed to supplying the education and resources necessary for future providers to achieve and succeed in patient care. Learn more about the credentialing process for advanced practice providers, and the support that is available to help you succeed.

Advanced Practice Providers Credentialing

Dear Advanced Practice Provider,

We appreciate your interest in joining the healthcare team at Premier Health. We include Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) as Advanced Practice Providers (APPs). We have developed a credentialing process for our APRNs and PAs to meet both Joint Commission requirements as well as the prospective boards.

Once you have completed the application process through Human Resources and accepted a position, you will need to contact the Central Verification Office and obtain a Credentialing Application. The contents of this packet will direct you regarding which documents you need to complete.  

These documents, once completed, and primary source verifications have been obtained; will move forward for appointment from the hospital's medical staff credentialing committees. Please note that the privileging process typically takes 4 to 6 weeks. You will be notified in writing by the CVO when you have been granted privileges.

We recognize that the employment process and the privileging process can be confusing. Because of this, we encourage you to contact any of the following hospital staff offices for assistance in facilitating this process:

APP Credentialing

  • Each Advanced Practice Provider (APP) is credentialed through the Central Verification Office
  • Reappointment occurs every 2 years
  • Performance is reviewed at 90 days of hire and then at least twice per year

Principle Duties/Privileges of APP

  • History and physical examinations
  • Documentation of assessments, treatments, progress and outcomes in the patient medical record
  • Manage diagnostic tests through ordering and interpretation (labs, X-rays, treatments, etc)
  • Performs or assists the physician with procedures in accordance with their scope of practice
  • Collaborates with physicians as needed for medical decision making
  • Participates in care planning with nursing and ancillary staff
  • Refers patients to appropriate resources
  • Prescribes appropriate pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment modalities as appropriate
  • Discharge summaries
  • Maintains professional rapport with hospital and allied health staff
  • Complies with the Medical Staff Office regulations for performing principle duties and responsibilities
  • Prioritize data collection
  • Facilitate the patient’s transition between and within the health care settings

Additional Duties/Privileges of APP

Some job descriptions may require additional privileging through the credentialing committee. Examples include intubations, central line insertions and arterial line insertions.