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Stroke Recovery: How Long Does It Take?

The odds of recovering quickly are best if you seek immediate treatment for stroke.

What Happens During a Stroke?

A loss of blood flow to the brain can cause slight or severe damage, depending on location and duration of the stroke.

Making a Comeback: Stroke Rehab

Learn more about recovery with stroke rehab, the rehab team and choosing a place for rehab.

Put Your Vascular Health To the Test

Three simple vascular screening tests could have life-saving results.

New Ways To Save Your Brain During Stroke

Technology comes to the rescue when every moment matters.

Respond To Stroke Symptoms: BE FAST

(B)alance, (E)yes, (F)ace drooping, (A)rm weakness, (S)peech slurring and (T)ime: Remember these stroke signs and what to do.

Know These Eight Controllable Risk Factors For Stroke

Do everything you can to protect yourself from having a stroke.

Migraines And Stroke: Is There a Link?

Preventing migraines may reduce your long-term risk of stroke.

The Key To Chronic Headache Control

There’s no quick fix to chronic headache symptoms, but you and your doctor can find solutions together.

'Worst Headache': When It's Time For Emergency Care

For your life’s sake, know and heed the signs of a burst brain aneurysm.

Straight Talk About ALS

Research continues to find a cure.

Should I Worry About a TIA?

Don’t second-guess yourself if you experience any of these “mini-stroke” symptoms.

Killing the Pain: Choices and Risks of Headache Drugs

How much? How little? What kind? Headache medicines require careful consideration.

Making the Most Of Life After Stroke

Get your life back on track with some adaptations and smart lifestyle choices.


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How are aneurysms treated?

Dr. Ludwig discusses treatment for an aneurysm.

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What is an aneurysm in the brain?

Premier Health Specialists’ Dr. Bryan Ludwig talks more about what an aneurysm is.

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After someone has a stroke, what can be done to reduce their risk of having another stroke?

Dr. Bryan Ludwig talks about what can be done to decrease the risk of having another stroke.

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Neuro/Interventional Care

Dr. Bryan Ludwig discusses Neuro/Interventional Care at Miami Valley Hospital.